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Research impact and Creative Commons

Following the 23 Things schedule, this week  several topics have been covered, including Open Access, different ways to measure the impact of your research and copyright issues.

Since my research is still at early stages and I haven’t published any paper yet, it hasn’t been possible to learn many things about Open Access. However, let’s say that this tool will be of extreme importance when the day of publishing my papers arrive, as I will have to think about the way my research should be available for the general public.

Apart from that, during this week I have also been introduced to some parameters which are used in order to measure the impact of publications. In this case, I already knew that there are some indicators for journals so that readers can check which ones have more influence. However, I didn’t know how they worked. In particular, the concepts of  “bibliometrics” and “Altmetrics” have been presented in the 23 Things blog. With regards to Altmetrics, I have to admit that I found that application very interesting, as it allows you to visualize the citations of your publications in different media, i.e. Twitter, Wikipedia, Mendeley, blogs… In addition, a simple exercise have been done regarding bibliometrics: I have selected one paper of interest for my particular research and I have checked the number of citations in three different places. I have looked for the paper “Failure criteria for unidirectional fiber composites”, written by Hashin (1980).

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