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How could grid-tied Photovoltaic Plants become more competitive when it comes to National Electricity Markets participation? (Part III)

After several weeks, I am back to share with you the third and last part of my debut article (post)! I am sorry for the delay but, meanwhile, we have had the opportunity to enjoy reading some other really interesting posts in the Blog!

So far, we have done a quick review on the concepts that we are dealing with when we talk about Grid-tied Energy Systems + Storage, and we have also described and showed some details about the strategy that is proposed by the authors. Now, it is time to see how our plan works! So, in this post some simulations are analysed in order to present the results of the algorithm when it deals with different meteorological conditions.

One decision to be taken is the way we want to deliver the committed energy to the Electricity Grid during the operation day. In our case, we propose a very simple delivery which will consist of constant values of power, so that at the end of each hour slot the accumulative value of that power curve (integral) will be equal to the energy committed with the Market. In short, applying a constant power of 10 MW during one hour would result on an Energy Supply of 10 MWh, as simple as that. This way of meeting our energy commitments is only possible thanks to the Storage, as it was explained in our first post. Otherwise, our power curve during one day would have the typical shape of an inverted parabola, since we would need to deliver the exact amount of power that our solar panels are producing at any time.

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