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Online Personal Brand

In this post I will talk about my current “Personal Brand” and how Social Media can be extremely useful in order to┬áimprove it.

Your “Personal Brand”┬áis a key aspect for your professional aspirations, as the information that companies and recruiters can find about you on the Internet can affect your employability. For this reason, I’m going to write about my personal situation and how I can use some social networks for attracting recruiters and for making me a better candidate for certain positions.

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Introduction to Social Media

This is the first of the “23 Things” which will be covered in this blog regarding Social Media in the months to come.

First of all let me welcome you to this blog for people who are curious about engineering and how social media can help us to develop our technical careers.

To begin with, let me introduce myself. I am a mechanical engineer with an MSc in Advanced Lightweight Structures and Impact and I am currently doing an EngD at University of Surrey. My background includes projects with Rolls-Royce and Williams F1, where I had the opportunity to work on projects regarding improvements to make their structures safer. It was during my academic formation when I became extremely interested in structural behaviour and its applications to vehicle crashworthiness. In these terms, over the years I have been able to acquire knowledge and experience in the field of Finite Element Analysis (FEA), which is one of the keys for designing and producing vehicles in a more efficient way. Anyway, we will talk more about this topic in the next few months.

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