Ignacio Carranza Guisado

  • Who am I? I am a young Research Engineer (RE) focused in Finite Element Analysis (FEA), lightweight materials and crashworthiness in automotive applications.
  • What’s my background? I studied a 5-year Spanish degree in Mechanical Engineering, where I developed my interest in structures and FEA. Because of my great interest in the automotive sector, I decided to study an MSc which could enhance my career in order to be able to achieve my goals within that particular area, so that I could enjoy my job as my real passion. For that reason I did an MSc in Advanced Lightweight Structures and Impact (Cranfield University, UK), which was oriented to the aerospace and automotive sectors. During that year I had the opportunity to gain expertise in some of the FE software packages which are used in the industry. In addition, I also acquired experience performing experimental tests in order to validate results. In these terms, I did some industrial projects for well known companies such as Rolls-Royce and Williams F1. Now I’m a researcher for the University of Surrey, UK.
  • What is the content of the blog? Basically, the aim of the blog is to provide some interesting news and explanations about the engineering world, with special attention to the technological advances of vehicles. In addition, based on my experience, I will try to post some tips and useful links for those who are interested in FEA. Furthermore, applications of science to sports will be also covered. Apart from that, topics related to the use of social media and how they can have a extraordinary effect in our career development will also be covered as part of the “23 Things” programme.
  • Follow me on Twitter: @CarranzaEngd
  • Follow me on Instagram: @car.ranza
  • More information: Linkedin


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