Geneva International Motor Show 2017

Last month I travelled to Geneva (Switzerland) in order to attend the most important motor show of the year and here you will find some of the best pictures that I took during the event.

IMG_1325For those of you who are not familiar with the automotive world, I should start this post by stating that during the year there are several events known as “motor shows”, where Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) exhibit their new vehicles and technologies. Since not all OEMs go to every event, there are some motor shows which are flagged in every calendar due to their relevance in terms of the companies and public that will be attending. In these terms, the Geneva International Motor Show is considered as the most important event of the year, followed by Frankfurt.

Just before Christmas, some of my colleagues from Cranfield University and I decided to organise a trip to Geneva, but we were afraid of the price for such a big event… However, we were surprised when we got our tickets for less than £13! In addition, for those of you who may be thinking of going in the future, I must say that it is so much better and easier to find nice accommodation in France rather than in Geneva. Basically, the venue is ten minutes away from the French border and, trust me, the prices are crazy in Switzerland! For you to have an idea, I spent less than £200 from Friday to Sunday, including flights from London, accommodation, tickets for the show and meals, which I think is pretty amazing.

There are many websites and blogs where you can find detailed reviews of every single vehicle which was unveiled during the show. For that reason, I’m not going to write but to illustrate what my colleagues and I saw in the Geneva International Motor Show 2017. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to upload here all the pictures I took because the files are too big and I took quite a lot of pictures (hundreds if not thousands!). However, if you still want to see all the photos, don’t hesitate and follow me on Instagram: @carranzaengd. Even though that is my personal account, I only use it for proper photography, basically posting photos of cars and travels.

I hope you enjoy the cars and if any of you wanted the original files, I would be more than happy to send them to you at no cost (references would be much appreciated though).


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