McLaren Employee Motor Show 2016

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend a special motor show organised by McLaren at the MTC (Woking, Surrey). The aim of this event was to collect money for charity purposes and there, not only the legendary Formula 1 cars could be seen, but also super cars and classic vehicles which were exhibited by McLaren employees.

First of all, let me start showing you the M7C, commonly known as the “Thursday car”. This was one of the first vehicles in which the company started studying aerodynamics. As a matter of fact you can see that there are two wings: one at the rear part and another one at the front. The explanation for having these two wings is easy: because of the height of the rear wing, the down force which was generated was so big that the front of the vehicle tended to take off and that gave rise to the need of another wing to combat that effect. The reason why this race automobile is known as the “Thursday car” is that it was introduced on a Thursday free practice in Monaco and it got banned for being too dangerous. Why? Well, basically because the front wing could act as a “guillotine” if an accident occurred.


McLaren M7C (source: my personal flickr account)

Another treasure that could be seen at the MTC was the McLaren Can-Am. This was the car which Bruce McLaren was driving when he passed away in 1970. It is said that right after this tragic event, the employees, instead of leaving, kept working even harder. This is unofficially known as the day when this racing team started to become a legend.


McLaren Can-Am (source: my personal Flickr account)

Other Formula 1 cars which were driven by some legends of this sport, such as Niki Lauda (MP4/2), Alain Prost (MP4/2B) or even Ayrton Senna (MP4/8), were exhibited along the MTC Boulevard. No more words are needed…


Formula 1 legends (source: my personal Flickr account)


Ayrton Senna’s MP4/8 (source: my personal Flickr account)

Apart from Formula 1 cars, other road vehicles from different manufacturers were shown as well. For instance, two Ferraris, several Aston Martins, a classic Chevrolete Corvette, Porsches and a Nissan GTR were exhibited by the McLaren employees who own those beauties. In these terms, there was also a section which was reserved for the company super cars and their new sport series, including the brand new 540C and 570S, along with their big brothers 650S, 675LT and the superb P1 GTR. However, from all those road cars, I have chosen a very special automobile to be the one to end this post: the McLaren F1 GTR. This, ladies and gentlemen, is not just another super car. This partiular car is a piece of history… This car is the only McLaren that has ever raced in the 24 Hours of Le Mans… And that car was so extraordinary that it won the most famous endurance race in the world the first time it raced, establishing records which were not broken in several years.


McLaren F1 GTR, winner of Le Mans (source: my personal Flickr account)

If you would like to see more pictures of the motor show, please feel free to visit my album clicking in the following link: McLaren Employee Motor Show ’16 (Album).

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