23 Things… It’s been a pleasure

Because everything comes to an end, this is the last post of my “social media” adventure, 23 Things. This week, I will try to give my opinions about the programme and my future plans.

It was in February when I created this blog in order to complete one of the requirements for public engagement as part of my EngD. From the very first moment I considered this as an opportunity to learn more about social media and to encourage myself to write technical and interesting things with regards to the engineering world.

First of all I would like to thank the Researcher Development Programme at the University of Surrey for giving me the opportunity to participate in 23 Things. This weekly activity has allowed me to get to know a wide range of online tools for improving my personal brand, my online presence or even my organisational skills. Besides, it has encouraged me to look into applications that will make my research reach more people or how to use daily “simple” websites in a deeper and more effective way, such as LinkedIn or even Wikipedia. There are many other things that I have learnt thanks to this programme but well, as you may know, I have already written about all of them!

Apart from that, I would like to say that not only this blog won’t be closed but it also will be updated as often as possible. I have already written a few posts regarding one of my main engineering passions (i.e. Finite Element Analysis), trying to explain some of its features in a easy way so that people who are new can understand its basis. However, from now on, I will try to include other posts related to engineering in general, with special attention to materials,  structures, automotive and motorsport news and one of my new “hobbies”: coding (yes, I already know basic concepts from my degree, but this is a field which is continuously progressing!). In addition, I have also confirmed the collaboration of a few other engineers who are well disposed to write some posts from time to time. Great news, right?

In order to conclude, I can only repeat the title of this last 23 Things post: IT’S BEEN A PLEASURE! Thanks everyone for reading and I hope to hear from you in the near future!

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