Personal website(s) and future research

This week on the “23 Things” post I’m going to write about my personal website and some places which can be useful for people who are interested in finding a new research project and funding.

It was discussed in a previous post the importance of your personal brand. In these terms, your personal website is the first place people may refer to when they look for you on the Internet. This website should include:

  • Your complete name.
  • A professional picture.
  • Your current occupation.
  • A summary, including your experiences and achievements.
  • Professional contact details.

If you read this and you have a Linkedin profile you will probably think that you already have your personal website and, in fact, this is one of the possibilities. However, if you are willing to continue in academia after you finish your research, creating your profile in will probably be  your best option, since its impact is higher than Linkedin. You can also use your blog as your personal website, but you will have to make a bigger effort in order to increase your impact. Obviously, you can have more than one website, but they should all be related to your main one. For example, in my particular case, I have chosen to use my Linkedin profile as my personal website, and I have linked this blog there, which I will try to keep updated after “23 Things” end. Nevertheless, I must say that I don’t pretend my Linkedin profile to be my personal website for a long period of time. I am currently looking into the design of websites using html, php and similar codes, so my intention is to create a totally new website.

Finally, if you are interested in finding new projects, funded or not, it would be useful for you to have a look at *Research. This website allows you to find news about different projects which are making the difference nowadays. In addition, it gives you the chance to subscribe to job alerts and to discuss your topic of interest with other researchers all over the world thanks to *Unity. However, in my case I didn’t find  too much information with regards to my current project (probably due to confidential issues), but I think it is worth to explore it deeper.


1 thought on “Personal website(s) and future research

  1. rdpsurrey

    It is great that you have a plan to use yoru linkedin for now and are exploring other options for the future. I supose you would have to also weigh up the cost implications of a free linkedin or wordpress to a paid for website?



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