Science in the NFL

As the 50th edition of the Super Bowl is coming up next weekend, I think it is a good time to share this interesting video about how engineering can help a professional American football team to win championships.

Next Sunday Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos will fight for becoming the champions of the NFL at the Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara. In order to get to the Super Bowl, any team has to get a huge amount of first downs during the season and to achieve that goal there are two factors which can play a decisive role: penalties and opponent’s concentration during the game. In those terms, the fans can have a big influence on those two factors. How? Let’s find out.

Some of you will probably know, but for those who don’t let me say that the Seahawks fans are known in the NFL world as “the 12th man” because of the noise they produce every time there is a game at the Century Link Field. As a matter of fact, it has been proved that the sound they produce is the loudest in the whole country. This fact has lead to numerous penalties against Seahawks’ rivals offensive lines. Why is that? Well, let’s say that in American football communication between players is essential and because of the noise, the quarterback is not able to call the plays in a proper way, leading to misunderstanding with regards to the receivers’ routes or even for the center to snap the football. However, it has been demonstrated that not only the fans from Seattle make a lot of noise but also their stadium has been designed to be the loudest in the world. Check the following video and discover more about it.

Source: ESPN Sport Science

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